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The best bookmaker I’ve ever played with

Let me tell you about Melbet betting company which is the “kindest” bookmaker of all the ones I played in!

I found it by accident, Melbet generally picked up speed sharply. So I registered in Melbet somewhere at the end of 2019, I have been using it for more than a year and a half, although not constantly, but not to say that it is rare.

Loyalty programs work in Melbet. They really work! I checked it myself!!! Points are awarded from each bet, the higher the bet, the more points. These balls can really be changed for money in the equivalent, they accumulate imperceptibly if you play constantly.

You can withdraw it as you can see on any payment systems, I personally withdrew it to a phone number, to a kiwi and to three cards! Everything works, 15 minutes and it’s done.

I haven’t noticed any disadvantages yet, except that I think the line is average, some bookmakers have a much richer line, but something is constantly happening there. Tech. support responds immediately and helps in everything. I even wrote to them that I would advise my friends, they solve the problem very quickly and quickly!

So, over the years of betting games, this betting company is the most suitable, as I have seen for myself. But remember, this is my personal opinion! Wish you good luck if you want to try it!

Metal roof tips

Greetings, dear readers. My name is Robert and I have been engaged in roofing for more than 15 years. For about a year, I thought about creating a personal blog where I will talk about roofing, based on my experience. So please check my first article about metal tile and soft roof.

Many homeowners are unsure whether they should go for a soft roof or metal tiles. My post will explain if metal tiles or soft roofing are better and less expensive, as well as whether there are any worthy alternatives.

Metal tile – the advantages and disadvantages of a metal roof

Profiled steel sheets with a colorful polymer coating are offered as roofing metal tiles. Metal tile triumphs over other materials due to its strong durability and affordable price.


  • The service life is estimated to be between 25 and 50 years.
  • High strength and rigidity, as well as resistance to mechanical forces such as snow load.
  • A wide range of sheet profiles, decorative coating types, and colors are available.
  • Fire safety and environmental friendliness.
  • The cost is reasonable.


  • The tendency for rust and humidity to accumulate in the under-roof space increases the risk of leaks at the sheet joints and attachment points, as well as harm to the house’s interior dcor.
  • The large size of the sheets makes transporting and lifting them to the roof challenging.
  • Low heat and sound insulation parameters β€” rain noise, condensation, and the necessity for additional ventilation measures in the under-roof space.
  • Installation is difficult and expensive, requiring the use of a special tool, resulting in an overestimation of the roof’s total cost.
  • For roofs with complex configurations, a big amount of waste during trimming is not a good idea.
  • The color scheme of natural tiles is badly imitated by the uniformity of the painting, which lacks tonal transitions.
  • Avalanche-like precipitation on a smooth and slippery surface necessitates the installation of costly snow-retaining equipment.

Advantages and disadvantages of a soft roof

Flexible tiles, roofing material, Onduvilla, self-leveling, and membrane carpets are the five forms of soft roof coverings available on the market.

All of these materials have a multi-layer bitumen impregnation with a reinforcing foundation (cellulose, polymer, or fiberglass). The most expensive soft roof option is a flexible tile. The cheapest soft roof option is a roof composed of roofing material, which is most commonly used for industrial and family structures. Onduvilla is the best option in terms of price, design, and properties.

Soft roofing materials have the following advantages:

  • High levels of durability, moisture resistance, and heat and noise insulation.
  • There is no corrosion, there is a lot of heat, and there is a lot of humidity.
  • Flexibility and the ability to install on complex-shaped roofs.
  • The ability to hold snow is excellent.

Soft roof coverings have the following drawbacks:

  • The requirement for a sturdy container as well as expert installation.
  • The roof’s final cost is quite high.
  • The aesthetics of the design are insufficient.
  • Combustibility.

Onduvilla is a low-cost sort of soft roof

Onduvilla is a ceramic tile-like sheet roofing material that comes in the shape of volumetric bitumen shingles. Onduvilla is a soft roof that blends opulence with a low price and ease of installation, making it a good alternative to other types of soft roofs.

Onduvilla’s benefits include:

  • Moisture resistance has improved. The hydraulic lock (pressed strips on the sheet’s edges) consistently protects the coating’s joints from leaks and simplifies the material’s installation. The waterproofness of the Onduvilla roof is guaranteed for 25 years by the manufacturer.
  • Lightweight and compact. Onduvilla may be readily moved and built with your own hands using a personal vehicle. The material’s weight per square meter is 4 kg/m2, and the sheet’s measurements are 10740 cm.
  • Tile coloring with a three-dimensional look. Torino, Neapolitano, Fiorentino color scheme: red, brown, green.
  • The sheets are arranged in a volume form. It has a lovely appearance and the shape of a natural tile.
  • Price. Onduvilla is less expensive than flexible and metal tiles.

The relief Onduvilla more faithfully imitates the design of a traditional tiled roof than the non-bulky flexible roof tiles. If the flexible tile has a decorative sprinkling that is easily damaged during roof installation, the Onduvilla is painted in four layers, demonstrating a higher level of decorative layer reliability. Another feature that sets Onduvilla apart from other soft tile options is the inexpensive cost of installation due to the lack of a solid crate and supplementary waterproofing.

Ondulin is a cost-effective replacement for metal tiles and soft roofing

Ondulin is a contemporary sheet with a traditional wavy profile. It’s constructed of cellulose fibers and filler, with a bituminous coating and natural pigments for color.

Ondulin’s Benefits:

  • Increased moisture resistance, and a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty against leaks.
  • Environmental purity, as well as human and environmental safety.
  • In the rain, there is no noise, and there is a high level of isolation from outside noise.
  • Improved heat-saving properties and reliable heat-loss protection for the roof.
  • There is no corrosion or moisture condensation.
  • Because of its lightweight and handy proportions, you can transport and install the coating yourself.
  • Flexible enough to be installed on a roof with a complex shape.


When choosing a roof covering, consider not only the cost of the material, but also the cost of installation β€” depending on the complexity of the installation, the final roof cost can increase by several times, as in the case of metal tiles and flexible tiles, for example.

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